Still In Shock

You will be, too, when you read this, especially if you’ve ever had first-hand experience with migración. If you are moving to Costa Rica, a visit to migración will be required sooner or later. By the way, be sure to take your own papel higenico [pa-PELL ee-HEN-ick-oh, t.p.] Trust me, you will be there so […]

On Not Expecting the Unexpected…

Cindy, Gary and their tres hijos [trace EE-hose, three sons] have been planning a trip to Costa Rica for many months. And I mean planning, leaving no stone unturned. Secretly harboring a thought or two of giving up the stinking Canadian rat race and transplanting to this beautiful warm country. The best laid plans and […]

Hey – Room In Their Bags!!!!

Carly wrote to me this week about her family’s upcoming visit. And the extras they are bringing in their suitcases. I post it to give you ideas about how YOU can bring a little extra something when you come to Costa Rica! It’s so easy!!!

Carly writes to me:

Hi, Saratica, remember me? [Of course, […]

What To Do On Weekends

Jane wrote to me this morning:

Hey, Saratica:

My Son has visited your site many times and loves all the info you give. He and I are coming to CR this weekend. We are enrolled in a language school in San Jose. We will have the afternoons and weekends free. Can you give us advice […]

Lost in… Somewhere

Mom went to Cancún yesterday. Mexico. You know: that little tip of peninsula where Dean should be landing in just about 36 hours from now? Yeah. Now you know where I get it.

Remember Hurricane Gilbert, 1988? Mom had had a trip to Cancún planned for months. Arrival 9/15, the day after. She went as […]

“Obras, No Palabras.”

"Works, Not Words." On the last jungle weekend of Camp Jungle2Jersey, the boys and I visited Barry and Nanci at The Bridge located a hair to the north of Puerto Viejo. I will try to write about The Bridge and our day there without using the words incredible, amazing, inspiring, beautiful, moving, overwhelming, unbelievable, […]

Track Flights Real Time

This is one of those too creepy / too cool things… go here:

Track any flight now in the air. 6pm Costa Rica time: the boys are on Spirit Air flight #304. Eerie…


Thievery From Every Perspective

July has been quite the month for lessons on crime.

On Day One of Camp J2J, we were stolen from. At our first cabina in Puerto Viejo, I was accused of stealing, lying and poor parenting. When I got home, I discovered we’d had an attempted break-in at our house. Thievery from every perspective.

On […]

Guardian Rabbi

So My Three Sons get on a plane today bound for ATL (Atlantic City, NJ) with a quick 3-hour layover in FLL (Ft. Lauderdale). We got those cheap tickets from that brand new ULCC* start-up airline, what’s it called? Oh, right: Spirit.

Spirit has impressed the heck out of us so far. First, they lost […]

Hot Like In Hell

Our little Royal Family was not happy in Parismina and we left as soon as humanly possible. The day after our forced march, we were so exhausted that doing a patrol that night was out of the question. And this first day, our only full day there, we were stolen from left and right. Very […]

Stealing For Sport

Hal spent a year in Germany in his youth. During that year, he traveled all over Europe. He said in every country but France, you could hold out your hand with money in it to pay for something and get back the right change. They’d count it out so you’d know.

Do NOT do that […]

Teen Tours Jungle Without Mommy

They (you know, experts like Oprah) say like attracts like. I tend to agree. Some People In The Know say opposites attract. I’m not so sure about that, except with magnets. I think we are often fascinated with things different from us. Like Hal being a guy. But once the newness wears off, irritation wears […]

Ceasar Salad (specially made)

This was the description of the first item on the menu at the Arenal Observatory Lodge. $6. "Specially made." Turns out, they were not kidding.

I lived in Manhattan in the early 80’s. Had Ceasar salad prepared table side at some fabulous restaurants: rub the big wooden bowl with lemon, toss in Romaine lettuce, raw […]