Cindy, Gary and their tres hijos [trace EE-hose, three sons] have been planning a trip to Costa Rica for many months. And I mean planning, leaving no stone unturned. Secretly harboring a thought or two of giving up the stinking Canadian rat race and transplanting to this beautiful warm country. The best laid plans and all that…

Cindy contacted me early in her quest for information and we got to be friendly. I joined her unschooling yahoo group. (Man, those women are intellectuals… I could hardly keep up!) When Cindy & Co. finally arrived, they came to our house for dinner. We had a great time, they did, too… But their exciting Costa Rica vacation definitely went downhill from here. Literally from my house… So downhill, their five weeks turned into less than three. One unexpected disaster after another.

The story of their trip is on her blog. If you are thinking of visiting or moving here, their adventure is a must-read. Cindy encountered stuff I never even considered warning someone about! Perhaps, there were appropriate warnings in the guidebooks or on websites and blogs. But the amount of information on Costa Rica is overwhelming and so much of it opinion. What do you pay attention to? Who do you listen to? Besides me, of course. But there’s nothing like coming here to really get a "feel" for what it’s like…

Hers is a new blog and she doesn’t have the "traveling" links worked out yet, so here’s how you read it: Go to this link
and start reading posts from the bottom of the page. You have to give
it a minute for the pix to load. When you’ve read the last post on that
page, scroll back down to the bottom and hit "Previous page." Let the
photos load, then start reading from the bottom again. I think there
are three pages.

My new cover-everything-warning is Expect the Unexpected. Right up there with Develop Patience and A Strong Sense of Humor. Pura vida!

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