Listen to this while you read. Such a beautiful song. Go ahead, sing along. Everyone else does.

We are in hell. The property behind us is used for parties occasionally. Not too often, THANK GOD. Because ticos, like their friends in the frozen north, are WILD for karaoke. And beer. In combination. Who knew? It’s almost 10pm here and OH MY GOD the wail emanating from over the fence is painful. Every once in a while we all look at each other, roll our eyes and laugh. You have to laugh. Because you aren’t going to sleep… Mercifully, the parties usually end around 11pm…

Hal turned 58 last Tuesday. I’ve decided he’s too old for me now. As soon as I lose that 25 pounds, I’m going to look for a younger husband. Unless Hal gets a job… then I’ll probably stay. I mean, it would crush him for me to leave.

We’ve bought ourselves a tiny little income stream. Bought two income-producing websites, one selling an ebook we found useful, one selling political products to which we can add all sorts of junk we like. The deals aren’t final yet, so not naming names. But soon. Plus, we are starting up two other income (hopefully) producing websites… that’s a little further down the pike, but we have a partner in one of them and they should do very well.

There are a couple of other promising items in the works, more is being revealed (to us, then to you). But immediate problems #1 and #2 are solved: we are not going to starve and we don’t have to leave Costa Rica!!! Hallelujah.

I have one tiny problem left. How to tell Hal I don’t want to work. Not work like he’s going to have to work. I want to write and sing with my Geezer Band. Finish the book. Make the blog into a book. No book = no book tour and no Oprah. Can’t have that. I’m thinking of tying in staying with him if he does all the work. Surely he’ll agree to this. Wouldn’t you?

But I’ll have to tweak this plan later, because we are now surrounded by revelers. Half the party has moved to the street in front of our house. I think they are having a rally, there’s some kind of loud chanting going on. The odd thing is, this really doesn’t bother any of us. It happens maybe once a month… Maybe because all the sounds are happy sounds. We’ve never had loud angry voices in front of our house, just all laughter and loud talk. And all ending in about 30 minutes… My kind of party.

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