Mom went to Cancún yesterday. Mexico. You know: that little tip of peninsula where Dean should be landing in just about 36 hours from now? Yeah. Now you know where I get it.

Remember Hurricane Gilbert, 1988? Mom had had a trip to Cancún planned for months. Arrival 9/15, the day after. She went as planned. "The hurricane is gone. Stop looking at me like I’m crazy and sit on that suitcase." Little Miss Adventure Traveler. She was the only one there… but I’ll let her tell the story. If I ever see her again.

She left yesterday morning (Thursday morning) at 1am, arrived FLL 5:30am. Left FLL 11am, arrived Cancún 1pm. She was spending Friday night in Playa del Carmen – no reservation, just going to find a place. She goes to Mexico a lot, knows that area very well. Today, she would be checking into the Mayan Palace, where she owns a timeshare. That was the plan. But the best laid plans and all that. I can’t find her and I am beside myself.

I’ve called the Mayan Palace about 100 times at least. They find her
reservation but say she has not checked in. I wasn’t worried until it
got dark. She goes to bed at dark. So since she’s not there, I guess
she’s in a disco with her suitcase? Having dinner with a guy she met on
the plane? With her suitcase? I don’t think so. Besides, she’s still
married to her fourth husband. (Oh man, that’s another story…)

And she stays at the Mayan Palace for free. She’s going to pay for a
night in another hotel when she can live it up at the fabulous exotic
fully-equipped Mayan Palace? Uh uh. Not my mom. So… if she’s not at the MP, WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?

Deep in my gut, I know she’s fine. She is. I know this. Because I’m really really smart. And there are no news stories online about old lady bodies found on the Yucatan peninsula. Besides, if she’s in a bad way, there is NOTHING I can do about it. Nothing. Really frustrating. This is more evidence that the boys should really not be out of my sight until they are thirty forty.

What do you do when you can’t find your person in a foreign country? She doesn’t have a cell phone, no way to contact her, to find her. Do you call the police? They won’t do anything for 48 hours. Which is how I’d set it up, certainly. Otherwise, you’d spend all your criminal-hunting time hunting down lost little old ladies.

I could fly there, except Dean is coming and there are no more flights in. I guess if I don’t hear from her tomorrow, I should call the police. Like they are going to look for one sweet old lady in the Playa del Carmen to Cancún to Mayan Palace corridor? The day before a Cat 5 hits? Even if they had the time, where would they start?

I hacked into her email program and found her Spirit Air confirmation. Checked online and those flights all went as planned, arrival times and everything.

I called Spirit to see if she’d actually gotten on the plane from FLL. Waited on hold for 10 minutes until I hear the ringing like you are about to be connected to a representative. Then a coupla clicks. Then that loud "busy" signal that sounds like a firetruck backing up. Spirit sucks. But I will put up with it for those ultra low fares. And they know it.

So where is she? I would very much appreciate it if you would send out "Nana, call your daughter!" vibes. Thank you. If you have someone you love traveling to a foreign country, rent a cell phone. Make some plan for communication… at least an email from an internet café upon arrival. Even if it’s your mom who is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

Ok, I need some sleep so I’ll be rested up to worry tomorrow.

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