Nada. I sound calm but I’m a wreck. She wanted me to go with her and I didn’t want to. Too much on my plate here. Of course, now I’m kicking my self, suffering mightily that I didn’t go with her. But there you go. I’m here. She’s not.

My sister-in-law called the FLL airport, got the police and they confirmed for sure that she was on the plane to Cancún. We called the consulate in Cancún and will call them back in 30 minutes to see if they have her in a hospital. Or jail. Or anywhere else.

She’s probably fine. I wish I knew for sure.

The Mayan Palace has canceled her reservation. The ENTIRE reason for her trip was to go to the Mayan Palace to prove that she is now 77. Because when you turn 77 as an MP owner, you get free maintenance when you visit. They won’t let you fax or mail or email your birth certificate, even notarized. YOU have to show up in person to prove this to them. She’s had the reservation for MONTHS.

Even if she stayed somewhere else, decided not to go to the Mayan Palace until after the storm… she would have called them and arranged for a later arrival. But she didn’t.

I’m going there Wednesday. I’m all packed, I was going to catch a flight today. But a) Cancún is evacuating and this would be a logistical nightmare. And b) even if I found a hotel with a shelter that would let me in, I’d be hunkered down for 24 hours with everyone else. A stupid logistical nightmare. Fat lot of good this would do anyone.

So if the consulate can’t find her, I will go there Wednesday. My other sister-in-law works for Delta. Maybe she can get me a stand-by ticket. I’ll keep you posted. This is the least fun I’ve had in awhile.

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