"The friend that never fails." That’s a good dog for you. Winston’s new favorite toy is a tennis ball he found. It’s an excellent toy on one hand because he can "throw" it himself and it fits nicely in his mouth.

On the other hand, it soaks up slobber. My arm in the photo is wet where he’s been nudging me to throw it again. He just dropped it at my feet and it made that "thud-squish" sound. YUCK. But you have to pick it up anyway and toss it because he is SO happy when you do.

Having a dog in Costa Rica is a good idea to deter petty thieves. Winston is such a goofy playmate, I can’t imagine he’d deter anyone… He’ll probably bring them his ball. But we’ll see.

Mo took him outside to show me his jumping skills. He could do this all day…

Boo, Mom’s black pitbull puppy, is on her way. I will pick her up Wednesday at the airport. I have to figure out what steps I take to actually pick her up. When you get advice here on any bureaucratic matter, you get so much different advice, ranging from "don’t worry – it’s easy and free" to "took us a week and $300" to get a dog from the airport. I am like a dog with a bone, as they say, with a project. Whatever, it will be worth it. Winston is going to LOVE having Boo around. Even if neither one of them is particularly ferocious.

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