Because then I’d have to kill you.

DSC_0005 You know Scott Oliver, right? He’s been writing these last few months about how he found the primo spot for a getaway home (which he built) waaaaay out in the Costa Rica countryside in a secret location that is a perfect slice of paradise. Right. I’ve heard that before. I work in real estate, remember? Getting familiar with properties for sale, Costa Rica, everybody talking about their great deal.

DSC_0121 Apparently, he bought the land at a good price, built a 3-bedroom home for next to nothing with an outbuilding attached to his carport for storage on a good-sized, nicely-landscaped lot. No razor wire (although I do love mine), no bars because, well, there’s no need. We are talking remote. Even so, they’ve got hi-speed internet, good cell phone coverage, electricity, water, a good caretaker. The country’s best chicharonnes restaurant 30 minutes in one direction, the best chicken restaurant in the other.

My experience is, if it sounds too good to be true, especially in a third world country, it is. Funny, because Scott always seemed so in touch with reality. Sad, really.

Because I’m incredibly charming (really, I can be), Scott and Mayra invited Hal and me to getaway with them. I’m not a country girl so I knew I’d be immune to the allure of a mountain home far, far, desperately far from a mall, but what’s the harm in a little visit? We were given secret instructions how to get there, did a few circle backs to make sure we weren’t being followed (actually, we got lost like three times). Still, only an hour and a half from our door, we arrived in – okay, he wasn’t kidding – paradise.

DSC_0127 The home is beautiful: all wood, good sliding windows, a great big kitchen, sliding doors to a huge porch with beautiful plants and flowers everywhere. A stone fireplace. The two downstairs bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house. There’s a gigantic modern bathroom and, up the stairs, is the third bedroom/office with a large window overlooking the valley and surrounding mountains.

DSC_0103 The views are amazing. Ocean view, schmosen view, eh. The ocean looks exactly the same all the time with little variation. I oughtta know: I lived surrounded by ocean for 30 years. An ocean view has its moments, no doubt about it. But a mountain view is a big fat wow. Due to clouds, wind and sunlight, it changes all the time, constantly. Look away, look back, it’s new. And mesmerizing. I could hardly look away. Good thing film is a thing of the past. Developing all the pictures I took would have cost a small fortune.

And this mountain view comes with altitude. Scott and Mayra’s house is at 7,000′. The air is fresh and cool, hot in the sun during the day, cool enough for Uggs and a fire at night. And the stars. Like at Ginnees, the stars are amazing and right there. I do forget that living in the city. I’m currently addicted to city lights, but who knows, maybe I could get addicted to stars. After this weekend, I don’t know, I’m thinking, maybe…

HummingBirdBSallyJan2010-500Ok, Randi, somebody, slap me. Surely I haven’t relaxed so much I’d give up the city for the country? Snap out of it, girlfriend. Trouble is, I’m not sure I wanna snap out of it. At least not completely. Not yet. This sleepover in the country was different. Suddenly, I “got it” why a weekend getaway home waaaaay out in the country is such a good idea: from the moment we arrived, I felt like I was being recharged. No wonder people make the effort, plan and save, to secure their place in paradise for “someday.” No wonder the location is secret. Now, I want one, too.

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