Seriously desperate. Not I'm-a-real-estate-broker-looking-for-a-sale desperate (like in regular real estate sales' pitches), but two honest-to-God I'm-a-seller-and-gotta-sell-this-house desperate. So seriously desperate, the sellers said I could say "seriously desperate." I'm posting the info on my personal blog and risking reader wrath in the off-chance one of you knows someone shopping for Costa Rica property. If you do, please alert them. Seriously.

DSCN1169 #1 San Rafael de Heredia: Two Houses for the price of One + a Car. (Two houses and a car!) Asking $150,000, MAKE AN OFFER. The houses are in excellent shape and very comfortable by U.S. standards: high ceilings, big windows, lots of wood, great floor plan, appear to be very well-built (you can have an inspection to verify condition), beautifully maintained. Big yard, plenty of room for
(critically important, if you ask me) as well as a garden.

You'd have to work hard to find a more picturesque little town than San Rafael, especially this close to the capital city of San José. You'll find everything you need for day to day living. For everything else, you are 10 minutes from downtown Heredia, and 20-30 from downtown San José (and another 5-10 minutes to my house)!

Heredia is a college town with a Pricesmart, an Auto Mercado, it's own mercado central and the grand Paseo de las Flores mall. San José has Teatro Nacional, Melico Salazar, Mercado Central, Tin Jo, Namú Galleria, all practically at your fingertips!

See photos and specific details at or on

Bedrooms to living room2 #2 Barreal de Heredia: Cute Brand-New Townhome near Cariari Mall! Asking $75,000, MAKE AN OFFER! This home was built new in 2008 to North American standards: cement block
construction, tile floors, quality fixtures, grounded electrical, quality plumbing. Still needs $5K to $10K to complete, but all materials are on site, it's protected from the elements, and the current owner lives there quite comfortably. What's been done to date is top notch.

Barreal de Heredia is a great little town, close to everything yet a very quiet neighborhood. Fifteen minutes to the airport, 20 to downtown Heredia or San José, 30 to Escazú. Cariari Country Club with its golf, tennis and pool is just around the corner.

BONUS: A good friend just bought the townhome next door. He paid just over $100K including furniture and appliances (that is included here, as well.) Having a trusted built-in neighbor in Costa Rica is a gigantic bonus!!!

See photos and specific details at

Spread the word, need a buyer. Oh, in case I forgot to say it: MAKE AN OFFER. Thanks!

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