Here we are at Lisa’s house, overlooking the central valley of San José province, Costa Rica. Lisa lives about 500′ directly above us, so this is from 4500′. It’s not often you get to look down on fireworks! The last time that happened (aside from 31 Dec 2007 on this same patio) was at my mother’s fourth and final marriage on the 101st floor of the WTC. It was coincidentally the same night as the QEII’s maiden voyage after her trip to battle in the Falklands. Big event, big fireworks from Battery Park below us. The top of those fireworks barely reached the picture windows in the ballroom. Pretty wild.

From our southern vantage point, the views start east and move across to the west. Because of cloud cover and my inadequate lens, you cannot see the mountains across the way. Nor can you see all of the fireworks we can see – for every one caught in a photo, there are 50 more happening all around us. And that’s just what we can see!

At midnight, it was insane (that’s when we got the best photos.) You can see at least 50 miles west to east and easily that many across the valley. It is a remarkable view, day or night.

The remarkable singer is Eva Cassidy. Learn more about her and buy her songs at We have them all…

Happy 2009, everyone! Peace.

P.S. You might be asking, “What’s a bucket list?” Hal and I just watched a movie while the boys and Badgetts went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still. Our movie was called, um, The Bucket List
starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Really good, really sweet and a perfect movie for New Year’s Day. What’s on your bucket list?

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