Please see 3 June 2009 update at bottom.

Experienced, dependable rentista family seeks long-term lease on a Bed & Breakfast, guesthouse or small hotel. Hablamos espa├▒ol.

Experience includes owning and operating:

  • Guesthouses in Rehoboth Beach and Key West
  • A residential holistic health spa in KY
  • A fitness/yoga studio (17 years in Key West)
  • Several vacation rentals (Key West)
  • Restaurants (Hal owned one in Key West, his family has owned restaurants and catering businesses his whole life. He is a fantastic cook.)
  • A real estate company, currently still doing property management for others, licensed in FL,
  • An advertising/printing firm (Key West)
  • We both know html and website management and design.

Will consider simply caretaking a property. Will also consider a property listed for sale as long as there is a
reasonable time to move on sale and/or compensation.

Best all smallerWe are a rentista family, living in Costa Rica since Jan 2006. Me (Sally, in the middle with short hair), Hal (the bald guy), two home-schooled teens: Morgan is the tall boy on the
right, Ryan is in the middle on the stairs. Click on the picture for a larger view. If you want to hear us singing Feliz Navidad (and who doesn't), go here.

Winston faceThe family includes Winston, a professionally trained sweet-tempered Valley Bulldog.

Excellent references available. Including for Winston.

If you have a guesthouse, B&B or small hotel property looking for a new lease on life, please email me. We'd love to meet you, visit your property and see what we can work out!

Pura vida!

Regarding Rent:
We've seen several properties that are either guesthouse|hotel|B&B. Each that we've seen needs to be brought back to life: it's either been closed for a few months for one reason or another, just come through a hard time (losing a manager or chef), or simply new. In all cases, there's little to no income currently and a need to build a customer base.

For properties that need to be brought back to life, we propose to take over expenses and all operating costs (except for capital repairs) and pay the owner 10% of income as rent.

The owner will be free of expenses, free of worry about
squatters and upkeep, free to pursue other interests.

If the property is for sale, we will be happy to show it and are open to a 90 day kickout in the lease.

At the end of the lease, when the business is generating steady
income, we can renegotiate a new lease. If the owner sells the
property, there will be a B&B history to sell with it.

For a property that is currently operating at or near capacity and has verifiable income, rent is negotiable.

Large or luxury hotels do not interest us. Rooms that rent for over $100 a night need a big staff, lots of amenities
and a full menu. Not only would that be more expensive to run, managing a large staff is not our bag. Cozy, casual, comfortable, good food, good linens, good company. That's our bag.

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