Three_dudes_2NarcotraficanteBudding Mafiosos, from the look of ’em. Mo gets special mention as a Cuban narcotraficante lookalike. That ‘stache adds to the mystery, eh? Wonder how much money one of those narcotraficante guys make? Just kidding… drug money could not be worth it.*

Robert ("the dad, old like us Hal") said:

"Yeah, they looked pretty good. They went to an area where there are lots of teens, but they complained that most were 8th graders. One car of teen girls yelled, ‘nice shirt!’ and now they are arguing about which shirt she was referring to. That made them strut even more."

OK, those darling boys can come home now. Note to Randi ("the mom, smart like me"): if you could make those jeans Mo is wearing miss the boat back to Costa Rica, I would be forever grateful.

*The first minute of this video is in Dutch, but the rest is in English. This video is 10 years old; the "cure" has only gotten worse: 1 in 100 Americans is now in jail. I have moments when I think the boys can’t get home fast enough…

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