I left the R/L Clinic last night with a baggie of las drogas [DRO-gus, drugs]:

Cefadroxilo for inflammation and pain (not that there is any at all… amazing);
Flamydol (or Diclofenaco Potasico) for inflammation;
Dormicum – 7.5mg to make me sleep; and
Lorazepam – 2mg to really knock me out… 2mg. I guess they thought I’d be REALLY wide awake and ready to disco?

I did not take the knock-out drugs. I was never good with drugs – I hate being knocked out. I can hardly enjoy nitrous oxide. Happy gas, my foot. The whole process makes me nervous as heck. Although, at the dentist, I do my best with it because whatever a dentist will do that requires happy gas, I would rather be on drugs.

Feeling better this morning. (Particularly since I’m not completely woozy!) It’s annoying to not be able to see clearly. It’s like looking thru a glass brick. Other than that, no troubles.

Everything reminds me of a song, which, of course, drives the boys nuts. Leonard Cohen’s I Came So Far For Beauty keeps running thru my head: "I came so far for beauty, I left so much behind…" I never quite understand Mr. Cohen’s songs, but I love them. Very mysterious. I yearn to be mysterious. And to sing like Jennifer Warnes does on Famous Blue Raincoat. My next life!

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