No, I’m not writing about The Monkee’s song. As great as it is.

I’m writing about the Cosmic Trigger Event happening next Tuesday, October 17, 2006. Fascinating. How do people figure this stuff out? What makes them look? I’m not clear on that at all. No matter: I’m marking that day on my calendar. Maybe if we all send positive thoughts, send that energy out into the world, wars will cease. Hunger will end. Tibet will be freed. Darfur will… I can’t even talk about Darfur.

But a whole day of Cosmic Triggering has gotta do some good. It’s GOT TO help. Voting and writing to senators isn’t helping at all.

So. Mark your calendars now. What the heck? How cool to be one of millions of people sending good vibes around the world?!? Love and peace has to start somewhere, right?

Love and Peace, S.

P.S. Ken Herft Jr sent me notice of this event. He’s the documentary filmmaker who produced The Hidden People about the Bribri people of Costa Rica. He focuses on Don Candido, a medicine man, who I plan to meet one of these days. Fascinating.

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