The Spanish word esposo [e-SPO-so] means husband. One meaning. The Spanish word esposa [e-SPO-sa] means wife. It also means handcuffs. You KNOW a guy thought of this.


OKAY OKAY: I stand corrected. Fortunately, I’m used to this living with teenagers. But shoot! It was funny to think esposa means handcuffs! I thought it did, but in rechecking my yahooligans, I see that the plural of a word can make ALL the difference:

Ticogrande says:

"Actually Spanish fans… it goes more like this:

Esposa is wife (but never handcuffs)

Esposo is husband

Esposas is Handcuffs and not wives

Embarazada is pregnant but does not mean embarrassed

Embarrass is verguenza  "que verguenza" = how embarrassing."

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