I like to sit up at night after everyone has gone to bed and read blogs or surf the tv or watch Weeds (downloaded from iTunes). Just sorta hang-out "alone" in the house. It’s winter here in Costa Rica and up here on the mountain, it’s cold. Like REALLY cold. We’re talkin’ in the 60’s. The low 60’s. You laugh… after living in the tropics for 30 years, our blood is thin. At 70 degrees, we are wearing long sleeves…

So by the time I go to bed, my toes are icy. And I’m totally chilled. Crawling into bed next to Jal is one of the best parts of my day. He’s a hot-blooded EYE-talian, ya know, so he’s all toasty under those kivvers. AND, get this: I can slide my icy toes under his hot 98.6 degree leg and my toes are toasty in a minute. He never complains, never yelps, never indicates that this is incredibly rude and annoying. He just quietly shares all that lovely heat.

The other thing is that this makes me SO happy, I often start to giggle uncontrollably. He even puts up with that. Sometimes he wakes up enough to giggle along for a sec. Then he slides back to sleep and I read for a few minutes… Last night, as I slid my icy toes under his fiery leg and started to giggle, he said sleepily, "Ya, know, some people might consider this rude." But not him. This is love.

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