EymannsThese are the Eymanns: Sonny, Kathy and Andy. The Eymanns own Sunny Days Catamarans in Key West. If you are going to Key West, don’t miss a trip to the Dry Tortugas on their boat!!! It’s a gorgeous trip, they are perfect hosts, and very good friends. Sonny grew up on a farm in Arkansas (blue ribbon FFA member)… He and I spent a day driving aroundBrahman Nosara, the beef capital of Costa Rica. I now know everything about Brahman cows. I even know what the hump is.

Not that the Eymanns aren’t important, but the real story here is prostitution. Costa Rica’s working girls. A subject that holds intense fascination for regular girls everywhere, like me and Kathy. We are NEVER in a situation to hear the scoop from the mouths of these babes.

Fortunately for us, the Eymanns know a guy here, Mike, who owns a very popular San Jose casino and nightclub. Last Saturday night, Sonny went downtown and found out all
about working girls. Well, not ALL about them. At least enough to
satisfy Kathy’s and my intense curiosity with the whole

He and Mike sat near the bar area and got caught up on old times. They might have sat at the bar, but couldn’t. There was no room because the place was packed with working girls. Mike casually estimated 200 girls that night. He said there are as many as 1000 in one day. Customers have to sit elsewhere. Unfortunately, season has been slow this year… all Mike had bellying up to the bar – with their actual bellys – were girls. No guys.

The law says the girls have to drink. They cannot just hang out, waiting, they have to buy drinks. So that’s 1000 rum and cokes everyday. It’s a start.

While they were chatting, several girls introduced themselves to Sonny. They were not shy, the youngest was probably 25, oldest up to maybe 40. The charge is $100 an hour, guy rents the room. You can get 4 hours for $200. That baffles me and Kathy. What would you do for 4 hours? OK, don’t answer that.

The establishment owner cannot make a profit from the girls – Mike provides the "atmosphere" but doesn’t get a cut. And pimping or madam-ing, is not allowed either. The girls are entrepreneurs, working for themselves, keeping all the money. Not much pesky governmental interference and what there is seems to favors the girls. I like that.

You know, I’m looking for that new career. Since I can’t be a madam, well… I could pass for 40. On a good day. Who wants an older funny chubby "girl" for half price?

OK: YUCK. I’d rather do stand-up. Stand-up COMEDY. That would be terrifying, but not… well, you get the picture. Besides, NOBODY but my husband wants an older funny chubby girl. Hal’s funny that way. And he really does. He says so. Go ahead, ask him.

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