The boys’ last day of school was Friday 6/23. The school year here goes from February 1 to around December 1. Their summer break is only about 3 weeks long, then back late July to finish their current grade. They take a long break December to end of January, then begin a new grade next February. Interesting… a little confusing for us gringos. But we can adapt!

Jake_brett_ryan_andy_moWhat makes this break particularly sweet is that Sunday 6/25, two of our most favorite Key West families arrived for a visit. Stan, June, Jake and Brett Adams (the Junes) and Sonny, Kathy and Andy Eymann (the Eymanns) lived on either side of us when the kids were little; we all have sons the same age. Those were the golden years – so fun!!! And what a blessing to be raising your kids right next door to parents your
age with kids the same age. Never alone, never without a sympathetic ear and good advice.

The Eymanns are still Key West neighbors, they live right around the corner from our house in new town. The Junes moved away three years ago: first to D.C., now in Colorado. We’ve missed them, but kept in touch. It is SO GREAT to have them all here. Even after all this time, the boys fell right back in step.

This is Kathy sitting in my Costa Rica living room. She’s married to Sonny, mom to Andy. (She took the picture above.)

We are hanging around our neck of the woods for a couple of days, lunch at Berni’s, of course! Tuesday we go see the Poas Volcano, which we have not seen, then to the La Paz waterfalls, which we have.

Then heading to Nosara for 3 nights. We debated either the Caribbean or the northern Pacific, back and forth. Finally settled on Nosara, it’s on the "gotta visit" list, we’ve all heard so much about it and have Key West friends who’ve raved… so Nosara it is! The adventure within the adventure… Stay tuned, much more to come!
Ciao, Saratica

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