we go, everyone assumes the boys are ticos. And wondering why these
great looking tico kids are dragging around those dumb old pasty-faced
gringos… Pretty amusing.

It gets
really hysterical when the local doing the assuming speaks rapid-fire
Spanish to the boys, with a head nod toward the ‘rents. Ryan gets it
for the most part, and can answer back. Watching realization dawn that
these boys are
not ticos AND
we are their parents… Well, it’s confusing enough in the states.
Here, there’s another layer of assumptions to get thru…

Ryan is so good at Spanish these days. He and Hal are doing the translating for me and Mo.
Mo just stands there with a stunned look on his face. The deer in the
headlights. Like he never heard Spanish before. It’s amazing… I
thought it would be the other way around. But Ryan is plowing ahead,
picking up the lang
uage. Mo knows more than he lets on, but he is loathe to do any lettin’ on. Except in the food court.

And except the other day when he came home from school with a big grin on his face and told me how much Spanish he
spoke that day. Apparently there is a new girl in school. She is way
cute and only speaks Spanish. FINALLY. Mo’s been pretty cheerful the
last few days actually…

morning in Costa Rica. A cold rainy day; I’m wearing a sweatshirt and
thick socks. I love this weather!!! It’s not depressing when it rains
here because everything is so green. GREEN like you’ve never seen it.
Even when
the sky is black, the landscape
is just a slightly different shade of green. It’s so beautiful. Like
rain on the ocean in Key West.

Still no TV – we rarely miss it – so the boys play a little basketball between showers, Hal is taking them to the Farmer’s Market in Alajuela,
I’m answering emails, doing some Key West MLS research. A nice quiet
weekend day. Lovely. iQué tenga un buen día! [Have a good day!]

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