So sad.
My mom, Miss P.E.T.A. 2000, is there now, helping pick up the pieces.

I’m blaming this on FEMA and their damn trailers.

This would never happen in Costa Rica because we don’t have trailer parks here, or even any trailers. A mobile home would actually be a luxury item in some of the shanty towns. Perhaps FEMA could send some down.

Ooops, forgot: FEMA is being disbanded. Normally I would think this a good thing. Unfortunately, all that power and corruption isn’t going away. It’s just making a lateral move to Homeland Security. Or whatever they’ve named it now hoping we’ll forget what a den of power and corruption that is. Sigh.

If we could get another president who was an actual flesh-and-blood human, that could make a difference in our world. Kennedy was human, and Ronald Reagan. Don’t tell Hal I said this, but Bill Clinton was the closest we’ve come to human in a long time. Unfortunately, he had Hillary. Definitely NOT human. A human has emotion, spirituality, the capacity for remorse. And, of course, blood.

Looking forward to Laura Bush’s biography. How did I get here from dead plastic flamingoes?

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