If you read the Gold post, then you know about the guy who bought our gold and then didn’t give us our money for 4 and 1/2 months. Hal finally sent the guy – let’s call him, oh, GOLD GUY (GG) – a bill for the balance due of $160 plus about $1,000 in interest. Of course, GG ignored it.

Until he found the websites we put up. We bought four domain names: one with his gosh-I’m-a-regular-guy name, one with his complete given name, and two with his company names. Then we published the whole sad story on each one. Plus on my blog. (My story is meaner than Hal’s. Hal is far too nice. Which is how we’ve stayed married… but that’s another post. Perhaps another blog…) Anyway, we figured if we prevented even one other sucker from doing business with him, this was time well spent.

GG didn’t like the websites – go figure. So he sent us all the money. The balance due, the interest, everything. Well, almost everything. Hey, this is GG we’re talking about. He couldn’t part with all the money all at once. So he sent us $1,240 and he kept back $6.58.

$6.58. I don’t get that… I’d love to know how his mind works. But, right now, I’m too busy.

I’m busy enjoying the piano that we bought with GG‘s money. Ooops. Our money. We definitely earned it. We just never thought we’d see it, so it’s kinda like we got a free piano. Don’t tell GG. Although maybe he’ll read this.

See, we promised to take down the websites if he sent us the money. But he didn’t send us all of it. Which is how he wound up on the world wide web in the first place. Sigh. GG, GG, GG. What are we going to do with you? Please send us our $6.58. Plus interest.

We also offered to transfer the domain names to him if he would make a $500 donation for each one to La Esperanza Granada (they help educate Nicaraguan children). So far, he has shown little interest in that. Maybe he will soften.

Meanwhile, Mo has hardly left the piano. And when Mo’s not sitting there, Hal is. How did we last for 3 months without a piano? Gosh. Thanks, GG. Perhaps our hard little hearts will soften with the lilting sound of piano music in the background and we’ll take the stories off the web and you can keep your $6.58.

It could happen. But just not today.

UPDATE: May 2, 2006 Today we took GG’s real name off the stories. If you are thinking of buying or selling gold in Miami on South Dixie Highway where all the gold ‘n guns stores are located – or anywhere for that matter – check out your guy pretty carefully. Or your life could be the hell ours has been. Hasta la vista!

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