So we are at the new school, St. Cecilia’s, signing up the boys. The clerk asks me what I do for a living ("Qué es sue profesión?") I tell her I am a housewife because I can’t say sand sculpturess in Spanish. She types in "HOG" which is short for hogar which means home, hearth. Hal and I chuckle and I explain that "HOG" en los Estados Unidos es lo mismo de cerdo = means pig. She looks mortified and then chuckles. And then very helpfully erases the "G". So now my profesión is "HO".

I prefer that actually. Hal is on the floor in hysterics, the boys are asking "what? what?", I maintain composure… how will I explain this with my limited Spanish? I just shake my head at her like "I have no idea what they are laughing about" and we continue on…

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