Tip jar fbck Last week, I found out that my little medical adventure cost us over half our net worth. Not including the '95 Rav4 with the 150,000 miles and a very slightly crinkled hood where I ran into someone. Hey, it was his fault: he slammed on his brakes to miss a dog. Ok, maybe I was following a tad close.

Anyway, that hurt us. Hal never worries about money and he's worried. Preoccupied, in fact. I'm trying not to think about it till I'm better. I don't think there will be a fundraiser, those are difficult here, to say the least. I'm working on a Broadway show tunes fun-evening fundraiser for later this summer or early fall. As long as I get my voice back. I still sound like Edith Bunker. Actually, she sounds better…

We are working: I'm designing tee-shirts and managing websites for a guy
here in Costa Rica. Hal has a new consulting business that is very promising. Still doing property management in Key West, have never lost a
customer. I'll be going back for a few weeks to see
if I can build up that business. If you want to buy property in
Key West or Costa Rica, say the word – I'm your girl!

The blog has been my baby. I can't believe I've kept it up for over four years. I've tried all the usual routes to "monetizing" the blog, the main one being Google ads. But those are nowhere: on a Costa Rica blog, G-ads are all real estate. Ain't nobody clicking on those!

So, a tip jar. A pretty, lipsticked, high-heeled, frilly-skirted little miss tip jar. If you've ever enjoyed the blog, or learned something new, or if you would just like to help us climb out of this hole, now would be the perfect time. Just click on the pig (in the left column). I surely do appreciate it.

Vaya con Dios,

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