I just read all the comments. There are not words to express my feelings right now. (Yes, I'm speechless.) It meant so much to my family to hear from you, cheering me away from the edge. It worked!!!

Everything is going great: I lifted a bottle of Clorox over my head today. When I got home, I couldn't wash my hair unless I bent over and got my head to hand level… I could barely raise my hand to touch my head! Combing my hair was an effort.

I'm walking up and down the stairs, rarely use the oxygen. Still got the hobble and out of breath a lot. But, man, oh, man, things are going just great. I drove Mo to a party the other day, using the clutch. That was an accomplishment. And yesterday, I visited some friends for a bit. It's so lovely to go outside!

More soon. I really wanted to say thank you all. Very powerful, your thoughts, prayers, blessings, finger-crossings and love. Thank you.

Love, Saratica

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