The coop is finished! Home for the chickens... … is a joy forever. Last night, I had to carry the chickens into the new coop and they were not happy about being there. This morning, they wouldn't come out! They were busy pecking at everything, finding ants in the straw…

door doubles as a walkway to freedom abroadincostarica.comAnd, of course, the minute I turned off the camera and started to walk away, they all three flew out of the coop like they'd been chased! Didn't walk down the nice brand-new walkway… flew, one right after the other. Very unexpected sight. I wonder if they'll know to go back in there tonight. (I know you are wondering, too. I will keep you posted!)

6pm UPDATE: I went out to put the chickens in the coop and feed them and guess where they were? IN THE COOP. All by themselves, all snuggled up in the boxes on the shelves. Yep, like I said, I have some smart chickens. I, however, am not so smart. Hal figures our first egg will have cost about $500. Breakeven should be around 2012.

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