I got it bad. I'd rather hang out with my chickens than almost anything. They are so cute, they don't ask for much other than food and water. I'm pretty sure they like it when I'm there. They don't run away (too much) when I put my hand out to put them down for the day or up for the night. They come to the sound of my voice. They listen when I talk. (Oh, they like me!) Here's what they look like now:

My friend Barry lent me his Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens. Talk about a wealth of information! I've learned so much and I'm only halfway through. We had the book at the farm in Live Oak but must have sold it when we moved here. Thank goodness for those who came before me and are willing to share the details!

My maid told me last week that I have two boys and one girl. Bummer. She knows from the tail feathers: in the photos, I point out Ethel's great big ole tail feathers. She says those are girl fanny feathers. Oops. I'm hoping she is wrong. This week, if you look close on the photos, you can see that Lucy and Eva are growing those same feathers. I'm hoping that means we got all girls. What am I going to do with two gallos [GA-joce, roosters]??? Someone suggested I eat them. Eat Lucy and Eva? Yeah, like that's going to happen. I'd have to be really hungry.

Did I just say that? NO, I won't eat them. I'll give them away. Maybe I'll keep one. Just until it starts to crow. Baby roosters learning to crow are pretty cute, too.

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