30 nov 2007

The Voz Que Clama Mission's Indigenous Christmas party will be on December 21, in Quetzal , Costa Rica.
This is truly going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.  I am excited that we (all of us) have been invited to attend.  The woman of Tuis (the poor helping the poorer) are each making their pot luck creations to be sent to the party for 200 Indigenous.  I have experienced their generosity on several occasions and I am always overwhelmed by their giving spirit as they themselves have little or nothing.  The Indigenous will leave their village at 5am and walk for 5 hours to come to Quetzal for this event.  They are hungry now, food has been in very short supply and Hector plans of a big feast for that day.  We will contribute to the food preparation, I am thinking of my Spanish rice dish with string beans and peppers from the farm, and a big cake. Maybe I will bake bread also.
How fortunate that your trip and this event is happening all at the same time.  No one gets this opportunity as part of their vacation,  we are all blessed to be able to experience this cultural exchange. 
We look forward to seeing you,
Ginnee y Felipe Hancock
Finca Quijote de Esperanza, SA
Costa Rica

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