7 jan 2008

I have met some of the very nicest people ever through the blog. The Bortmans, the Sheridans, the Badgetts, the other Jen, some people who I know would rather remain anonymous so I won't mention names – tons of local people. And tonight, Cindy's family from Canada. They are here for five weeks and came to dinner with their three boys: Eli 3, Diego 5 and Noah 8. They unschool (hence her blog) and their kids are SO smart, so funny and SO precocious.

For instance, darling Noah asked me as they were leaving, "So, just how old ARE you?

"52." I replied sweetly. "How old do I look?"

He looked at my face very closely, then said, "52."

Of course. I said, "Noah, darling, WRONG ANSWER."

He said, "I was just wondering how someone so old would not be taller than me."

I'm wondering how someone only eight years old could tease me so cleverly at only eight years old. Back in the day, when my mom was a young mom, Noah would not have been thought cute or funny, just cheeky. That is a dilemma today…

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