3 Oct 2006

For my birthday, my friend Mary sent me this book. I love it, very sweet, simple. The funny thing is: I read the title and thought to myself "I have a charmed life." I've never had that thought before. The funnier thing is, I had to get broke to find out. Now THAT is news.

In the play, one of Sissy's lines is "Wouldn't it just tick everybody off if all their lives they worked their butts off to get to heaven and hell turned out to be the coolest place al along?"

Getting broke to find a charmed life is sorta the same thing… who knew? You are busy over here, working your butt off for something and it turned out not to be the path to happiness at all. WHY DOESN'T LIFE COME WITH AN INSTRUCTION BOOK???? Jeez, I've wasted some good party time in my 51 years.

This will probably come as no great surprise… but we are staying on in Costa Rica. In a nutshell, our quality of life is so much better here.

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