The badgetts are here The Badgetts were here for two jam-packed weeks, and we been havin’ a big ol’ time. When anyone comes to visit and they want to run around, requiring us to actually leave our zona familiar, I am reminded how diverse, beautiful and just darned amazing Costa Rica is. That whole “90 different mini-climates” thing is true. You could drive through most of them in a single day! Just leaving the central valley heading to the Caribbean coast, we drove through at least thirty.

Hanging out in puerto viejoAs soon as the Badgett team arrived, we ran off to visit Ginnee and Phil at Finca Quijote de Esperanza: their big sprawling off-the-grid organic all-natural (and I do mean all natural) farm. Then two nights in Puerto Viejo at the beach.

At teatro nacionalThen back home to hang around San José and Escazú: which included trips to the mall, Robin’s Kitchen, a couple of nights in Heredia way the heck up in the mountains. Then back to Escazú, the mall, Robin’s Kitchen, Super Sony, Teatro Nacional* to see Così fan tutte. Back to the mall, Robin’s, the video store, and the Jew store (ok, it’s really Little Israel but everyone calls it the Jew store. So sue me.) Soooo much fun!

*See the white screen hanging from the proscenium arch in the teatro nacional photo (yeah, little miss theatre here had to look up the technical name)? The opera is in Italian (really?) and the Spanish translation is projected on the screen. Um, do they do that at the Met these days? They should.

Too much fun today!Tragically, the Badgetts left this morning. You know how guests smell after three days? Kinda like fish? Not the Badgetts. Like a breath of fresh air every minute. How did we get so lucky to meet online strangers who instantly became good friends? Now I understand why online dating is so efficient: you meet, chat for a few months online, make sure you are simpatico… then you meet. If everyone’s telling the truth, it works like a charm.

view of volcan turrialba from ginnee's house Of course, we all fell in love with Ginnee years ago. Between Ginnee and Phil, they know everything. Honestly, if you want to know something, get in touch with Ginnee. They both read constantly, then remember what they read, then apply it to their lives. Because of this facility and their commitment to live off the grid, life at the farm is a wonderment. I videotaped for 48 hours straight. Well, I would have except, since there is like zero electricity, I was only able to videotape during daylight hours: two 12 hour chunks. You’ll be delighted to know you get to see it all eventually. You’ll be particularly thrilled with the Pooping in the Bucket video! (But not today – mentioning it is simply a teaser for future thrills.)

For starters, here’s breakfast with Ginnee:

See? She knows everything. And here’s Phil on how to grow pigs and fish symbiotically, something you will surely wish you knew about in the next year or so:

This makes me want to farm. But I’d have to leave the city… trying to figure out some way to farm IN the city. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I farm vicariously through Ginnee and Phil. You can, too, either as a guest or as a volunteer worker. They are building a volunteer house with a rancho for cooking and socializing. And they’ve purchased a couple of small homes in Esperanza [s-pear-RAHN-sah, it means hope] to renovate as guest homes. The Organic Farm Experience is coming soon: next winter you could be vacationing in Esperanza, eating Ginnee’s delicious cooking, getting eggs or getting massage (you get to pick which “plan” you want, maybe a combo). You’ll learn a lot just being there. We could all learn a thing or two from Ginnee and Phil.

P.S. I know you are wondering about the Poop video. I’m working on it. That baby needs some editing. In the meantime, enjoy these photos and the house tour:

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