Daniel and mom riding a four-wheeler earlier today under a close eye As a free-thinking mom, I’m disturbed by the Daniel Hauser saga. The MN state government ordered him to undergo chemo against his and his
parents’ wishes. Mom and son ran away, then surrendered to authorities, stating they now believe chemo is the best option.

Do they really believe that? Who knows. Apparently the state has conceded to allowing natural therapies and vitamins to supplement Daniel’s chemo. But, bottom line, mom had to say chemo is good to avoid
jail and to avoid losing her children to CPS. There was a hearing today on the child custody issue.

To avoid jail and
losing her children to CPS. This pretty much defines medical
police state to me. A parent can’t determine the best decision for a child?
A state’s government knows better? Only medical doctors can heal? CPS
can take better care of your child? Like in MA where 75% of children in
foster care are on psychiatric drugs

If I lived in MN, could I be “turned in” for taking Ryan off
asthma drugs? I could conceivably be accused of endangering his life. I
could be forced to take him to a doctor who would administer the drugs, possibly lose him to a family who is better at obeying orders. (The CPS rabbit hole is so disturbing, I can’t even go there.)

Is chemo the best option? Big Pharma-owned MSM would have us believe that. I don’t. Since I’ve fallen down the alternative medicine rabbit-hole, reading and researching
vaccine injury, chelation, autism, auto-immune disorders (lupus, MS,
etc.) and cancer, I’ve come to believe chemo is one of many
options, but far from the best choice for everyone.

Big Pharma, in its quest to rule the medical world and its profits, is behind the war against marijuana, keeping DCA out of sight and unapproved, and the push to make as many vitamins as possible available only by prescription. In the 1950s, it was successful at getting Harry Hoxsey tossed out of the U.S. for curing cancer with herbs. The very treatment that saved a child who ran away from court ordered chemo. There are plenty of sane people out there curing themselves with herbs and vitamins!

In researching this, I came across not only uplifting stories of children healed via alternative treatment, but a couple (just a couple, thank goodness) of horrific stories of children dead because of a
parent’s choice. I don’t understand a parent’s ability to stand by
while their child suffers a protracted painful death, not even offering
an aspirin, because of a belief system that does not allow medical
intervention at any level.

The question is: do we all take the medicine (in this case, of allowing government to decide
what is best for our children) because of the travesties committed by a
few? Should everyone have to attend weekly AA meetings because a few of us can’t hold our liquor, just in case? Should everyone have to take an H1N1 vaccine because a few people with compromised health died from it?

In any case, I’ll be staying out of MN, at least while Pawlenty is governor. He just vetoed that states’ medical marijuana bill despite overwhelming voter support. Heck, I’ll be staying out of the entire U.S. Life is too good here!

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