Queen at 80 in 2006 Every year, Her Majesty the Queen of England celebrates her birthday at Costa Rica's British Embassy right here in Escaz├║. Actually, She celebrates the big day everywhere in the world with a British Embassy. With 261 embassies, that's a lot of presents.

And it's a bash with a carnival atmosphere: clowns, horse rides, fantastic bands (like Harmony Roads), face painting, tents, silent auction (the QBP is also a fundraiser for local schools), bangers and mash, imported English candy. The only thing missing was spotted dick. Didn't see him anywhere. (OMG, I'm so funny.)

While researching this, I counted 250 or so U.S. embassies in the world and not a single birthday celebration was had for George Bush. Hmmm. Nothing planned for Barack either. But the Queen, well, her day in Costa Rica was swell! WeLoveCostaRica.com has a whole page on the QBP, including a picture of me Harmony Roads. Too bad the Queen Mother missed it. I've heard she likes a good shindig.

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