Queen at 80 in 2006 Every year, Her Majesty the Queen of England celebrates her birthday at Costa Rica's British Embassy right here in Escazú. Actually, She celebrates the big day everywhere in the world with a British Embassy. With 261 embassies, that's a lot of presents.

And it's a bash with a carnival atmosphere: clowns, horse rides, fantastic bands (like Harmony Roads), face painting, tents, silent auction (the QBP is also a fundraiser for local schools), bangers and mash, imported English candy. The only thing missing was spotted dick. Didn't see him anywhere. (OMG, I'm so funny.)

While researching this, I counted 250 or so U.S. embassies in the world and not a single birthday celebration was had for George Bush. Hmmm. Nothing planned for Barack either. But the Queen, well, her day in Costa Rica was swell! WeLoveCostaRica.com has a whole page on the QBP, including a picture of me Harmony Roads. Too bad the Queen Mother missed it. I've heard she likes a good shindig.

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