I saw two other doctors last week and the prognosis is excellent. I am always floored by the top-notch service, the professional manner, the time spent with me and the small money. Even though prices have gone up, it’s still so small… the healthcare alone would keep me in Costa Rica, especially at my advanced age.

The first doctor was Dra. Ortuño, ob-gyn, ($66 this visit, $30 on my first visit three years ago). I’ve come to really like her. At first, not so much personally, but she is such an excellent doctor, I stayed with her. For one thing, she gives the best breast exam ever. Male doctors just don’t have this down, sorry to say. Girls know bosoms. And this visit, we had a few good laughs. Why I have to laugh with people before I warm up to them, I don’t know. But this time, I found I really like her. She probably opened up a little more to me because I’ve passed the two year mark…

Here’s the thing. Doctors here, like long-time expats, just can’t afford to warm up to the newbies. Since a lot of the people who move to Costa Rica move away within two years, why get to liking someone just in time to say goodbye? I can understand that. It’s hard on a newbie, hard to make friends, hard to feel a part of but I guess it’s the dues that need paying. (I can say that now that I’ve paid them! But it’s damned hard earning your way here…)

My second doctor visit was to Dra. Samantha Naranjo, dermatologist, ($80 this visit, $40 in 2006). She examined this old pale freckled body, burned off about 30 places including a few deluxe freckles (some people call them age spots but that’s so yesterday), chatting all the while. Looked at a few places under a special magnifier… then burned them off. Bye bye basal cells!

I asked what I could do about the sun damaged skin on my chest… Hal and I were visiting with a friend the other day and neither of us could take our eyes off her cleavage. I mean, we tried but it kept calling… Smooth perfect skin. Young skin. I want that. Samantha told me to use efudex every night for 30 nights. You can buy efudex over the counter for $20. In fact, I already have a tube. Then she wrote up a list of products to use after the scabs fall off (yeah, efudex is some kinda fun). Sign me up.

Not to worry, I’ll keep you posted on my cleavage. It will take my mind off the fact I have no money, no job and no real prospects. That’s ok: something will come along. I could go live with Ginnee… who knows what tomorrow will bring? Besides young skin.

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