Not hot in that way. The man is older than my husband, for goodness sake. And happily married. As hot as I am (DON’T LAUGH), he wouldn’t look twice at me.

I’m talking hot in the way my liberal friends are hot for Obama. Congressman Paul gives me hope. The really amazing thing is that a gentle, intellectual, won’t-use-a-teleprompter,
not-punchy, no-sound-bite geezer like Ron Paul actually started a
! Because of his run for the presidency, people are waking up. More and more people are speaking out on returning to our constitutional roots, on the value of liberty over more government regulation and bailouts, on auditing the Federal Reserve, then getting rid of it.

People are becoming aware that the U.S.’s failed monetary policy is the root cause of the world’s financial troubles, not the subprime mortgage mess. The subprime mortgage mess is a result of that policy. It’s becoming crystal clear to more and more people that smaller government produces prosperity, not bigger government. That states’ rights must continue to have jurisdiction over the federal government’s laws and mandates. That taking federal money – whether a bailout or a grant –  makes a state and its people beholden.

It’s also becoming clear to people that Federal tax money is not the government’s money. It’s your money. The Federal government didn’t earn it. They take it from you and they do so by force. Anyway. Don’t get me started.

Here’s John Stossel (who I could be hot for in that way if I were to ever look at another man that way which is highly unlikely) (today) interviewing Ron Paul. Short and sweet, this is my favorite Ron Paul video:

The only issue about which Dr. Paul and I disagree is abortion. He’s pro-life, I’m pro-choice. He will not try to outlaw abortion at the federal level* unless he’s going to turn on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Since he has been the most consistent legislator in recent history, possibly ever, I believe he will stick to his constitutional roots and put the abortion question to individual states. Even if some states outlaw it, some states will keep it legal. That will have to do.

I am 100% in favor or returning to the rule of law, to honoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Everything has a price. If having some states outlaw abortion is the price to pay for the rule of law, I am willing to pay it.

What I expect to get in return, since almost all questions will be returned to the states, are states that get out of the licensing and marriage business, allowing anyone to marry anyone they want. We’ll get states that are pro-small business, states that legalize drugs, gambling and prostitution… states that get out of legislating morality, governing our bedrooms and our bodies and what we do with them. Citizens could vote with their feet, moving to states that suited them. You can’t neutralize that vote!

At the federal level, we’d get no-holds-barred free trade. And no more war. At all. Zero. No more intervention in other governments. Like we should be giving other governments advice on how to run things. And no more occupying other countries. Bring all those strong young men and women home, working in their communities, raising their families and spending their paychecks there.

True freedom gives us prosperity. It’s a harder road to travel, but the rewards are much sweeter. Otherwise, we are just wards of the state.

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.”
– Jimmy Dugan, Tom Hanks’ character in A League of Their Own

I’ve yearned to use that quote. I’m happy now. This weekend: Migración Miasma and The Lunada. Pura vida.

*Overturning Roe vs. Wade, which I support, won’t make abortion illegal. It just takes it out of the federal government’s hands. It doesn’t belong there. It is a state decision.

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