You aren’t going to live to see me die.”

Music to my ears. The kid always knows just what to say.

Mo rash allergic reaction 2008 backMo rash allergic reaction 2008 chestMo rash allergic reaction 2008 armHe’s so much better today. Almost no rash on his face (he won’t let me show pictures of his face) and it’s fading on his body. This started out as a few bumps and was bright red until yesterday. It’s on his legs, too, like on the arms. I’m putting up pictures mostly so other parents can find them. There weren’t any good google images of red rash caused by allergic reaction to antibiotics.

We took him to the doctor on Thursday. Doc said it was an allergic reaction, not serious, but to stop all drugs (yahoo), including the Alegra (anti-allergy). Then he said Mo should see a dermatologist. He said it was not exactly uticarria and that it may need different treatment…

We decided we can’t do another doctor or any more drugs. Besides, drugs caused this. We loaded up on Vitamin C (20,000/day), lysine (1,000 although I’m going to do more starting today) and A (60,000/day – tons of good info on A here and its relationship to viruses including shingles, particularly this article) and a few other supplements. Maybe coincidence, but the first day after he started the high vitamins was the first day there was noticeable improvement.

I was right: regular life feels really good.

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