Go here and surf around these real estate deals… oh my goodness, some of these homes are CHEAP. There’s a house in Costa Rica up in the hills behind Alajuela with two acres of land for $27,000. And a U.S. house with land for $7,000 total and 52 bids! Ok, so maybe it sits next to a heroin den, but still.

North dakota houseHow about a house in North Dakota for $1,725??? So winter starts in June in North Dakota… at least you could afford to heat the house.

I saw a Gentleman Farmer’s Home in North Carolina asking $85,000: $8,000 down, seller holds the rest. Two acres… wow.

Real estate, it’s like a drug. I’m actually getting high. Who needs heroin?

Especially while listening to this:

I just discovered her… how is this possible? Do I live under a rock??

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