During our last trip to Key West, we had dinner with a new couple, George and Izzy. About 15 years longer on this earth than us, they’d been Key Westers longer as well, but we’d never met. That’s rare. In a small town like Key West, you’ve usually met everyone at least once at some gathering or other.

Libertarians, they’d found us through Hal’s blog. George had even run for governor of his home state as a Libertarian! That takes some fortitude and strength of character. They are well-traveled, well-read and know a thing or two about living. It was a really fun evening, delicious food and an immediate connection. We wish we’d known them for years; we look forward to more.

We’ve exchanged a few emails since returning home. In his most recent, George said this:

"My years in politics evolved into frustration and mild anger and even humor. Comedy and tragedy are truly first cousins. … I am not sure the political situation can be resolved within the political system.  It is a "catch 22" mess.

Education, politics, economics, society … nothing can truly change until we effect a spiritual (not religion/church) awareness that man cannot continue to feed on man.  A new awareness must come into play for change to occur.  Man can realize that his own enlightened self interest includes the interest of all.

I am building a site now…  It will hold that we are responsible for our own reality and project the magnificence of man.  And proclaim the end of victimhood as a goal in life."

That speaks to me, right to the heart. Gives me hope. If there’s a cure for the human condition today, it’s got to come from a spiritual shift. Not our physical or intellectual selves. They got us where we are today. If I could just remember I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience, perhaps I could avoid the Sturm und Drang. Stay more in acceptance. I’m pretty good about not being a victim on a conscious (physical and intellectual) level. It’s the spiritual depth that eludes me. Criticia gets in the way…

I’m looking forward to his site, to reading more like the above. I’ll be sure to pass it on.

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