Here we go again. With a vengeance! The rain started a little over two weeks ago and has hardly let up. The skies open up around 1pm and the day’s downpour commences. These days, it’s been a steady soaking rain till dark. Sometimes beyond.

Please don’t remind me I live in a rainforest. How could I forget?

If this goes like the last two years, May is pretty wet, almost like October. Then June and July offer light spotty rains, not too bad. This is a good time to visit: wet (or "green") season prices without too much wet. Late July, the skies start to open up again and it’s a slow build till October when it’s rainin’ all the time.

This is the rainest May we’ve seen in the two we’ve been here. Much wetter. I don’t mind the rain, once I get over wanting to sleep all the time. Sunny mornings, cooler weather, lots of butterflies, everything is, ahem, green and flowering. As long as we don’t get to rainin’ all the time right off the bat! We’ll see… right now, I’m loving it.

Besides, not only is the green season an excellent time to plant, to ponder the Spiritual Condition… it’s an excellent chance to learn to podcast!

In the meantime, this afternoon the Geezer Band* is singing at a birthday party. For MONEY. A 75th birthday party, so we will seem like the youngsters. I’m looking on the sunny side these days! Why not? It’s all good.

*Find mention of Harmony Roads under The Club, Music & Dance Scene section. Hey, it’s fame of a sort… and, OK, we were mentioned in Frommer’s because a part-time band member writes for them.

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