After all the hullaballoo about armed robberies, thefts, etc… Well, it’s all pretty depressing but you can’t dwell on it if you are going to live here. Like you can’t dwell on loss of civil liberties and working the first six months of your year to pay your share of taxes if you are going to live in the U.S. For now, we prefer here, guns ‘n all.

I also saw three movies recently that make my little problems seem insignificant. About a month ago, I watched Ghosts of Abu Ghraib on HBO. I didn’t want to sit through this movie; fortunately, I couldn’t look away. Very powerful.

Last weekend, I saw Why We Fight on Cinemax. Then a documentary about an Iranian woman’s life on CSpan: forced to marry at 13, husband finally died, struggling to make it although glad to be rid of the big oaf… compared to her life, compared to the lives of the women struggling to make it in La Carpio? Compared to the mindless truck-drivers* at Abu Ghraib? I have no problems.

On top of that, I now have bullet-proof laptop security… for after it’s been stolen, but still better than nothing! Now I can keep my data secure, thwart any future users and then find the darn thing! We use all these products:

1. Carbonite is an online backup service that works in the background, continuously. $50 a year. Well worth it. The first big back-up takes a few days and does not interfere with your connection speed. After that, it backs up all the time. Music, photos, documents… my hard drive is 80 gigs and FULL. Carbonite has it all!

2. There is a free program called The Laptop Lock. If your laptop is stolen, this freezes the data, can erase it securely, can find it by recording the IP address… AND IT’S FREE!

3. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an excellent encryption software so if it’s stolen, you will have double protection to either erase your data or encrypt it so NO ONE can get into it.

Note: Please use the links here to investigate the products I promote – they are affiliate links and I will make a commission if you buy something. It doesn’t cost you a penny more to buy through the link. I use every product I promote. Except the google ads… I have little control over those. If I could eliminate the real estate ads, I would… Be nice to see something interesting for sale on there!!!

*Truck-drivers is a reference to all the mindless order-followers who drove fellow human beings to the gas chambers. Just doing their jobs. No questions asked. Like they were taught to do.


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