To me, at least… My friend, Janis, sings in a band with the lunata guy. I went to rehearsal earlier this week, so I could learn the back-up harmonies, learning the play list, hangin’ with the band. Really fun!!!

Yesterday, Janis threw her back out and is bed-ridden for at least three days. They have a gig tonight at El Boyero in San Antonio de Escaz├║. So… guess who is the new girl singer in the band? And it’s a geezer band, of course – I fit right in!!!

I don’t know most of the songs and don’t really know the harmonies to the songs I have heard. But I get to stand under the hot lights with a microphone and make-up… I get to sing After Midnight. Someone is bound to clap at something, right?

Baptism by fire – if this doesn’t shorten the song list learning curve, nothing will. Soon as Janis is back on her feet for the next gig (who knows when that will be), we’ll really be able to kick some harmony butt.

Meanwhile, listening to old rock tunes and smearing on the Lloyd creme thick today…


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