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Christmas Eve in San Jose
25th Anniversary

On December 24th, twenty five years ago, five gifts were given to five kids in the shacks existing back then in Bajo de los Ledezma, located between Rohmoser and La Uruca. Today, the kids who received those gifts on December 24th 1982, around 7pm, are adults, probably between 29 and 35 years old. The same way we did it then, and during the 23 years that followed, the gifts are delivered "anonymously" wrapped and always on December 24th, in the poorest neighborhoods of the city, including La Carpio, Alajuela, Lomas in Pavas, Barrio Cuba, and Los Anonos, among others…

This program has made possible for thousands of kids for 24 years on Christmas Eve to find gifts at their doors, thanks to hundreds of people "like you," who have turned this project into a "Holiday tradition."

We are asking you, as we do every year for the last past 24 years, to wrap 5 gifts, indicating on each one if it is for a boy or a girl, and in what age bracket.

We appreciate your collaboration and know we can count on your unconditional help, and wish you all a "Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year", always among your loved ones.

Jose Luis Salinas

Real prosperity is obtainable, as long as we know to share it.

Please call 232-7812 or 290-0379 for gift recollection.
We will be picking them up until December 21st 2007.

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