My presentation went very well at the International Living Conference in Jacó, er Herradura. Los Suenos lives up to its name… oh my, it is severely swanky! Except the coffee served in the conference was pathetic, which is a disgrace in Costa Rica. The "snacks" were equally pathetic. But if looks are everything, this place is the top.

The conference was designed for expat wannabes: people looking to retire outside their country of origin – mostly the U.S. – so real estate developers were well-represented. I must say, some of the developments were breathtaking. Prices were from $129K for a house on a spit of land near the ocean… on UP, shall we say.

Oddly, the central valley where I live was not at all represented… Only beach property. Who wants to live in that heat? Besides tica teri? And, ok, everyone else in the world?

Speaking of which, I’d like to be back at the beach at this moment. It is damn cold where I am, like in the 60’s. Two days ago, I was walking on the beach sweating my butt off (I wish). Today I have on a heavy wool sweater, long pants and thick socks. And my feet are still cold. Next year, we are having a fireplace!

Here’s my Power Point presentation, mostly pictures while I talked pretty much non-stop in the background. Which is why, afterwards, one of the attendees took hold of my arms and asked, "Are you for real?" He was laughing, so I guess that was sort of a compliment…

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