I found this while researching sat yoga which lead to all manner of sites on all manner of yoga, one site leading to the next. The following promises are from a brand (style? type? path?) of yoga called Brahma Kumaris (emphasis mine):

Tree of humanity

It is taught that all of life will die and return to Nirvana, then take birth in the forthcoming cycle at their predestined time and place. ….  A new world order starting with the birth of Krishna and a population of 900,000 is believed to go on to enjoy 2,500 years of paradise as living dieties before humanity splits and the religious founders incarnate. Each creates their own branch and brings with them their own followers from the Infinite Light, until they too decline and splits, schisms, cults and sects appear at the end of the Iron Age.

The aim of the individual Brahma Kumari is to gain a high status in the coming paradise, perhaps even a select 108 who are ‘totally victorious’ and will rule there. Members of the physical families of Brahma Kumaris who have contact with the University are said to become members of the 16,000 top souls and at the end of each Cycle, everyone will see visions in which their personal destinies will be fully disclosed.

When a religion or spiritual practice has to make wild promises to get people to follow the rules, my guard is up. The wilder the promise, the less reliable the foundation. Kind of like listening to politicians. Like bad guys ratting out other bad guys for a break in the sentence. The information is suspect.

I’m making an exception to not believing the bad guys ratting out O.J. "If I’d done it, here’s how." He should be in prison just for being such a pig.

Of course, it’s no wonder the BKs have to make such wild claims: they practice celibacy. You’d have to be getting a lot in return. And how exactly do you practice something you don’t do? Anyway, count me out. I can’t even give up pasta.

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