When I printed the Tico Times story on the theft in Jacó, I had not read the A.M. Costa Rica report (scroll down to the second page) which gives more detail. The ENTIRE story, if you will.

So the thieves got to make death threats to the couple, no money was returned, a few items reportedly recovered were actually not recovered… it sounds like the whole recovery process was a joke. Couple made to wait around several hours while nothing was accomplished. Add in a little sexual harassment to complete the package… And to top it all off,  the thieves were released… WTF?

Madness to have your stuff in your car at the beach in Jacó while you get in the ocean. I wouldn’t do that in ‘Lauderdale. But, like wearing tight clothes doesn’t mean you invite rape, being foolish with your belongings doesn’t excuse theft.

Nice going, Costa Rica. Kill my book sales and the darn thing isn’t even out. I am NOT happy with you. This whole "death threat" thing has got to stop. Or else.

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