Ok, not really. I am flying to Mexico to rescue mom. Or at least have some fun with her for a couple of days. Her last few days have been so unbelievably stressful, I can’t stand it if one more thing goes wrong and she’s alone lugging that suitcase around. But more on that later.

Dean’s pathetic eye is now over the Yucatan somewhere, down to a cat 1. Which is nothing to sneeze at. I’m now in the ATL airport where they have free wireless in Concourse E. They have free wireless in San Juan Santamaria International Airport, too, in the ENTIRE airport. And the bathrooms are just as clean. Free coffee in the CafĂ© Britt store and free chocolate candy. I haven’t seen any free candy here in ATL. I did just pay $2.50 for a double espresso and $2.50 more for a big cookie. I ate less than $1’s worth, but they probably won’t take it back.

Mom is fine, I’m sure. I will see her about 8pm, spending the night with her at the Hotel Sahara. Then tomorrow we will go back to Moron Palace where I’m going to open the biggest can of Whoop-Ass on them they’ve ever seen. (Thank you, Chris, for that lovely expression. Perfect.)

More soon. NOT from the Moron Palace where they charge $5/hour for their pathetic internet. Can’t wait to see mom.

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