Photos of food are hard. Especially half-eaten food. But I couldn’t take the time to pretty up this bowl because I was afraid someone else would come along and eat it before I could. Have I mentioned that Hal can cook? Oh man. He can go into a kitchen that contains no food at all – NONE – and whip up something tasty. I’ve seen him do it.

For the Rainforest Salad, he had ingredients. All fresh and fabulous. I guess this is sorta like a Waldorf Salad only no raisins, no walnuts, no cheese, no vinegary dressing. Maybe Waldorf is not a good comparison. Dan will know… Here’s the "recipe." You’ll have to make up the amounts which is why I have a picture at all. Helps with the guessing!

Apples and Fresh bamboo shoots from your local rainforest.

Brian brought us our fresh bamboo shoots from his farm in the rainforest in Guapiles. I didn’t take pictures of ours, but found this pic online. Ours looked just like the big one on the right, only ours were twice as big and greener, fresher. (He brought them in a cooler.) He told us to cut off the fibrous plant parts to get to the middle, then boil for 10 minutes in lightly salted water. We did… They don’t seem to have much flavor alone, but take up the flavor of whatever you add it to. Delicious, so crunchy. We’ve added to salads and stir frys – the perfect ingredient!

Lime_with_orange_middleChopped raw cauliflower heads
Chopped cilantro (the green leafy herb)
Minced garlic (one clove)
Minced dry roasted salted peanuts (1/4 cup)
Juice of one limón mandarínoThis is the name on the tag, couldn’t find these on Google. Our limes are green and nasty looking on the outside, orange and delicious on the inside. Tart without too much bite.
2 T olive oil
Coarsely grated Parmesan (handful)
Salt to taste

Mix and eat. Don’t let anyone else see you with it. They will want some!

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