Far From A Well Woman, that would be me. Not two days ago, I was bragging to my mom how I never get sick. And today I’m in bed all day. Thank goodness for 600mg Ibuprofen! I’ve slept a lot and heading back to bed, but I need to eat some chocolate ice cream first. I can never remember if you feed a fever, starve a cold or vice versa. So I feed them both. Seems to be working. I feel better!!!

My mom’s friend Gayle has been here the past week and we’ve been to Sarchi for a day trip and to Arenal for a three day trip. I have tons of pictures and Criticia Voluptua Right-Right has something say about places we’ve stayed… stay tuned.

Volcán Arenal is amazing. I am in awe of that mass of gray rock spiking up out of the earth. I could stare at it, bask in its powerful energy for hours. In fact, I did. In the rain, which may be how I got sick. It occurred to me that I am such a strong-willed person, it takes being in the presence of an active volcano for me to feel a little humility. See? F.F.A.W.W.

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