Yesterday was Xavier’s 57th birthday so we celebrated the night away. It was a pretty wild night, dinner and a movie, we were out till almost, I don’t know, 8:30? It’s going to be a pretty quiet Valentine’s Day around here while we recover…

Mostly we are going to recover from spending the $12 (including a popcorn) and 84 minutes spent watching Borat. Ironic that Cinemark would not let my teenage boys in to see this as they are part of the only age-group who would LOVE 84 minutes of poop and penis jokes. Thank God Cinemark didn’t let them in! I need to write a letter of apology to them. In Spanish, of course. There goes today.

While getting Borat’s IMDB link, I was so disturbed to discover its high ratings (it gets a 7.8 out of 10), I rated it a 1 for AWFUL and wrote a review. Beware: this review contains spoilers

"Poop and penis jokes abound. Being cruel to your fellow man is what it takes to be funny? Borat makes fun of people who may deserve it, some who richly deserve it, but it’s done in the most mean-spirited way, I actually had sympathy for the poor buggers he was "outing"! He way outdid them in the mean department.

To gain a person’s trust, then take advantage of it as a means to humiliate them is unconscionable. Would Ghandi, the BVM, Jesus, El Señor, any of the Dalai Lamas have endured this movie to the end? Not that I’m anything AT ALL like these spiritual icons, but I’m sorry I didn’t walk out the first time it occurred to me. Which was in the first 30 minutes. I kept thinking surely there is a message developing. But no. There wasn’t.

I am dismayed this movie gets such high marks. If you have an ounce of compassion for your fellow man, if you believe the whole random acts of kindness thing, don’t waste your money. You will be embarrassed for your country, that this is what it takes to make us laugh."

Perhaps this review is a little soap-boxy. OK OK. It’s really really soap-boxy. Sadly, I think I look good on a soapbox. Somedays, its the closest to a stage I can get. Besides, it’s all true. Even if some of the movie was staged. Which REALLY begs the question: what was that all about?

I’m only going to write about happy things from now on. (Not.) Like X being alive and hearty at 57. This is excellent news, seeing as how I’m going to live forever. I need him around for at least 20 more years. If I can get 30, I’ll be ecstatic.

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