We love Winston. And he loves…. me. By the end of the day, he loves everyone else. Pretty much. Unless he hasn’t seen one of the guys for over an hour.

Mo still spooks him pretty much all the time. Mo’s just so darn TALL. He spooks me. When Mo first shot up, I had the sense of a tall stranger lurking in my house… I’m used to it now. Winston is not.

Every morning, it’s like 50 First Dates around here: Winston has to get to know the guys all over again. Like here… Xavier is holding a treat and Winston acts like he’s never seen him before, with that comical questioning tilt of his head. Not X’s. Winston’s. The only thing that warms him up to you immediately is to go outside, pick up a toy and toss it. You could be Jason and Winston would still chase that toy and bring it back to you! (If you haven’t seen 50 First Dates, it is very sweet and funny. We laughed and laughed. Finally, an Adam Sandler movie I could like!)

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