1am. Turns out those partiers aren’t here to lean and chat, do the whole muffled voices thing. No. Turns out, they are here to set off fireworks from the empty lot in front of my house. Guys have a thing for gunpowder. Jeez, it sounds like gunfire. Sometimes like a cannon… like that one. And they aren’t setting them off one after the other. No. They might run out too fast… heaven forfend. They let one off. They savor that, while I start to drift off. Then a few minutes later, they let off another one. I guess they’d hate to run out before they were ready to SLEEP. Don’t they have bicycles to put together or stockings to stuff or something?

2AM UPDATE: They finally ran out of ammo… or maybe, like in BsAs (see Dan‘s comment), 2am’s simply quittin’ time. The parting shot was a set of 15 bottle rockets. Wheeeeeee.

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