It’s 12:30am Christmas morning and I’m off to bed to listen to the POPOPOP and that bomb-whistling noise from there. Starting at 11:59pm, the fireworks reached frenzy status, and still going strong. Even my next door neighbor is in on the act. We can see about 20 miles of valley from left to right, 10 from south to north… and everywhere you look, you see puffs of sparkling green, red, white, purple, blue. Everywhere. Wish I could get a photo. It is an awesome sight. I’m wondering if we can rig up chairs on our roof for New Year’s Eve… but I’ll think about that tomorrow. Till then, may your Christmas Day be merry and bright!

Oh goody. My first two carloads of late night partiers just arrived to hang out on the street in front of my house. Sigh. Who can blame them? Sue├▒os dulces, paz y amor, Saratica

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